We recommend the conference hotel - Tibet Hotel Chengdu (5-star), where you may find something special and interesting. Below are the conference prices for different room types. To book a room, please follow the registration process and fill out the registration form, and email it to faw2017local@gmail.com. For any booking after 10 May, we may not be able to guarantee the conference prices.

Tibetan Flavor Experience Room: CNY ¥330
(single room, a 1.35m bed, room size: 19 ㎡)

Deluxe Room: CNY ¥430 (recommend)
(a 1.8m double bed, room size: 38 ㎡,or two 1.35m single beds, room size: 42 ㎡)

Administrative Deluxe Room: CNY ¥530
(a 1.8m double bed or two 1.35m single beds, extra bed allowed)

Business suite: CNY ¥630
(a 1.8m bed, extra bed allowed)

An excellent breakfast buffet is included.

There are many good hotels around the conference venue. Following are several suggestions.

1. Li Yuan Xiang Li Ya Ge (3-star)

Address: Section 1 of Renmin Road North, about 450 meters far from Tibet Hotel Chengdu.
Business Room: CNY ¥300 (two single beds)
Deluxe Room: CNY ¥340 (two single beds or a double beda)
Administrative Room: CNY ¥400 (a double bed)
Administrative Suite: CNY ¥550 (a double bed)

To book it, please visit http://www.burgoto.com/nd3fjk7bf/25190/intro.html.

2. Dorsett Grand Hotel Chengdu (5-star)

Address: Located near by the Tibet Hotel Chengdu, on West Yulong Street No. 168, QingYang District.
Dorsett Standard Room (two single beds or a double bed)
Dorsett Deluxe Room (two single beds or a double bed)
Dorsett Deluxe Suite

To book it, please visit http://www.dorsettgrand-hotel.com/index.html

3. Jinjiang Hotel (5-star)

Address: No.88 of Renmin Road South, Chengdu. It located the terminus of Shuangliu Airport Shuttle Bus Line 1, and four metro stations away from Tibet Hotel Chengdu.
The web page of Jinjiang Hotel provides all relevant information in English. You can book it via above link.

4. Minshan Hotel (5-star)

Address: No.80 of Renmin Road South, about 500 meters far from Jinjiang Hotel. You can take Chengdu Metro Line 1 to get Tibet Hotel Chengdu from Minshan Hotel.
The web page of Minshan Hotel provides all services and relevant information in English.